Kanacahastan NGO

Kanachastan Newsletter

Issue 1
November 2011

Civic Activism

Welcome Message

Dear readers,

We are happy to present the first issue of Kanchastan newsletter and to greet all of you on this occasion. From this point, we will regularly update you on the accomplished and planned programs aimed at improving quality of life and protecting the environment in urban areas.  We will also outline the trends in Armenia and abroad as well as the opportunities of using best international practices in our country.



Almost a year has passed since Tankian’s first ever concert in Yerevan. After his second open-air free concert in 2011, a forum on civic activism took place on August 15, where he once again emphasized the fact of being a proud activist. The forum was initiated by Kanachastan non-profit organization to stimulate public discussion. Tankian’s two visits to Armenia in 2010 and 2011 triggered major public interest in civic activism.


Civic Activism Every Day

Kanachastan highlights the role of civic activism and believes in the solution of issues through raising public awareness, capacity building of civic society and governmental entities as well as amendments in the legislative field. The organization cooperates with local and international institutions and individuals to promote civic activism in Armenia by implementing international best practices and consolidating resources. Here are some accomplishments that Kanchastan has already initiated and accomplished.


Examples of Civic Activism in Armenia

Artur Avtandilyan, a member of  “This is our city” grassroots  group, active since 2010, talked to Kanachastann about the notion of civic activism, highlighting the development  of civic activism for the protection of green areas in Yerevan.

– How would you define the notion of civic activism?

– Civic activist is a person, who fights for social issues not for political aims.  That is, it is impossible to serve civic activism for pursuing political interests, but it is possible to use political resources to achieve the goal. Civic activism has two preconditions: first public agenda in general, which represents a narrow or wide range of social issues, secondly process of civic activism, which goes parallel with politics.


Inspirational Corner: Do Not Invent A Bicycle, Just Ride It

In many urban areas of the world bicycle is a common means of transportation. It is ecologically clean, healthy and helps to stay fit. Amsterdam is the world’s best city accommodated for the cyclists.  In the U.S., the Bicycling.com published the list of cities with at least 100 thousand population that provide the best conditions cycling. These include bicycle lanes, parking lots, bike rentals and repair shops. The list is topped by the cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Denver etc.


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